What To Photograph When The Weather Is Bad

Right after rain, it is the perfect time to shoot foliage, forest, rivers, and waterfalls. This is because during this time, the green leaves look more saturated and alive, even leaves on the ground looks good, plus the water droplets on the leaves and flowers add more interest to your picture.

There may also be a good chance to capture a dramatic shot when the sun peeks through the clouds after the rain stops. It may only last a couple of minutes, and it will either start storming again or clear up and just get sunny. Thus, it is a few magical moments worth waiting for.

2)Rain coat
3)Close up adaptors/ lens

Tips to Protect Your Gear
You may buy rain gear for your camera but another way to go about it is to use a shower cap and put it around your camera- it's not pretty, but it works.

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