Photographing Babies

Photographing new born babies will probably be a challenge for most photographer. That may be true as newborns spend most of their days sleeping, so getting great shots of them is not as easy as you think. Generally, people like babies to be wide awake and smiling in photos. Why not try a different approach? By using a little bit of creativity, it will definitely make a difference to your shot. Here are some tips to creating great baby photographs.
Try using an apperture of f2.8 and focus on their tiny feet or fingers. You will be amazed on what you will see.Bring in probs(eg.cute toys) to the picture to add in more fun.Don't be afraid to take too many pictures. It's usually these extra photos that add interest to your baby's album. Create an interesting portfolio of photographs. Let your child be off center in a few photographs. This has aesthetic appeal. Use a diffused flash or you can use soft natural light from a side window. Below are the pictures of my little nephew Javier.

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