Newcastle- Sydney Australia

Some of the favourite shots taken during the trip to Newcastle- Australia. After being reminded several times by my good friend-Alex, I had decided to put up not all but some of the pictures for the trip. More pictures will be posted for the trip once i gotta time to do so. So please stay tune...

This trip was actually a lab visit to the University of Newcastle Australia. The trip lasted 6 days. Never want to miss any chances of getting good pictures for my own collection, i decided to bring my D200 along.

Picture below is the view of Newcastle.

During the trip, I was fortunate to have some good buddies of the same course to travel together... Jowee, Kevin, Tengsoon, and of course not forgetting ALEX!("Star" of the trip). Alex really brought in a lot of fun and laugher to our group throughout the trip.

When we reached Sydney airport, the weather was not pleasing at all. First thing when the bus driver who came to fetch us from the airport said: "You guys brought the rain with you... I can see the clouds keep following you guys from the back of the plane". Ha humorous Aussies...

Inspite of the bad weather I was still able find my way to capture some wonderful shots anyway. Above picture was shot on the 2nd day. Looking out from my hotel window, I saw this interesting scene. I quickly took out my camera, carefully composed it and then snapped it!

Newcastle prides its magnificient coastline. We took a visit to the Nobbys Beach; Newcastle's highest profile beach, winner of Regional and State Clean Beaches Awards.

Closer look at the sandy beach.

Nobbys lighthouse.

Took the below two pictures while strolling along the Wharf Road.

On the last day of our trip. The same bus driver came to send us off to the Airport. It was a sunny day and a last word from him was: "See what I told you. Now you send back the rain... "

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Erick Trianto said...

very nice have a great eye for photography.
I love the composition in your photo.