Australia Scenic Photo Galleries

Pictures below were taken by my Nikon FM2 film camera mounted with my favourite Tokina 28-70mm f2.8 lens. I was fortunate to bring them along with me during my trip to Victoria, else I would have missed all the fun.

All 3 pictures below were shot with an aperture of f16 which provided a good depth of fill. I waited for a few minutes on each pictures for the sun to be hidden behind the clouds. By doing so a diffused lighting was created and this was what I intended.

During the time of visit, the tide was low. By making use of the reflection of the low tide condition, I took the 3rd picture at a very low angle shot whereby the beach, the sky and the clouds could all be captured into the view finder. A creative and unique approach I think .

To understand more on the depth of field and the apperture, you can click on the "Video Tutorial link" provided in my blog.

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